Board meeting November 22, 2015

Submitted by Michael J. Cook on Sat, 01/30/2016 - 11:22

Start time: 2:20pm
End time:  4:15 pm


Ramon Rodriquez
Marty Grochala
Linda Kelly 
Marilyn O'Leary
Ibrahim Zabaneh


Andy Masterson
Jim Sullivan
Chris Pett


1. Opening prayer
2. Approval of previous minutes
3. Financial update
    Reviewed current expenses and budget reviewed . Expenses noted to be stable.  Gain/loss      
    discussed $(7,422.40).  Fundraising also discussed.
4. New church exploration discussed. Key factors to be addressed include cost, location 
    (accessibility), parking, "recognizable Catholic space", kitchen/social spaces and the financial 
    stability of the host space. It was decided to have Barbara Zeman, Joanna Muhalski, Jim 
    Sullivan to be part of a committee . Joanna and Barbara to lead the search.
5. New Year Fundraising Push discussed. It was decided to have a phone fundraising telethon on
    12/12/15 between 1-4 at my home . 
6. Operational responsibilities discussed. Each board member received an assignment.
7. Christmas event discussed. December 20, 2015 picked as date. Location to be determined by 
8. Chapter scorecard discussed and reviewed.


Submitted by Ibrahim Zabaneh