The Fourth Sunday in Lent

Submitted by barbara on Sun, 03/15/2015 - 12:06


Sometimes we can’t see forest through trees.
We wander around clueless
Till we’re brought to our knees.
Sometimes we look dimly through dark eyes.
Because to see with our heart
Would cut through those lies.
Sometimes we see through lonely tears.
Until someone happens along
To help us get through our fears.
Sometimes we are blind to the now.
To keep past and future in tact
Being really alive we never allow.
Sometimes we notice the light at our side
We look deep within
With the sight that we hide.
Sometimes we open our heart to the light
And see with new eyes
The sun shining bright.
Sometimes we push through the sad sighs
And awaken anew
To the Spirit that flies.
Sometimes God’s Light shines through the haze
Letting us catch glimpses
Of the real me and you, as we gaze.
Open your eyes to the Light at your side
Come bask in the sun
Where you’ve nothing to hide.
Reflect who you are, till all false falls away.
And we see we are one
With Christ’s truth lighting the way.