The Second Sunday in Lent

Submitted by barbara on Tue, 03/03/2015 - 18:02

Into the woods I go, oh God, seeking your ever present truth?
Imprint on my soul the courage it takes
To change heart and mind,
And live the Good News like my Brother.

The roar of the wind
The beat of my heart
I hear You say I am Yours.

Up the mountain I go, oh God, no one but You at my side.
Break the chains of the past, as I face the unknown.
Lead me out from the places I hide.
Give me the courage it takes to look life square in the eye.

Not from the mind, but straight from the heart
I see with new eyes.
Love binds us to You and our brother.

Is life an illusion or is it the Moon?
Can I find what is missing in me?
Trust Spirit to guide, or it's over too soon
Set the presence of God in you free.