The First Sunday in Lent

Submitted by barbara on Wed, 02/25/2015 - 10:43
As the Lenten journey begins ... join Jesus, the Radical Rebel, as he ventures deep into the wilderness in search of G_d, YHWH, The Divine Source.
40 days in the woods 
the radical love we seek as G_d's children.
The covenant binds.
The new and everlasting covenant brings all into the light.
What you see is not what it seems.
Water, once the symbol of destruction, becomes the symbol of G_d's promise to humankind as Noah discovers how faith binds all to the Divine, 
a Divine who promises
 never again to destroy the world by flood.
Water baptizes us, 
cleanses us 
anoints us.
Who we are as we enter the woods
who we will be
when we emerge after 40 days. 
by Barbara Zeman