St. Mary Magdalene by Barbara Zeman

Homily Date: 

Sat, 07/28/2012

The Truth will set you free.  And the truth of who we are as God’s holy people is written in our hearts. We are pilgrims on a journey, here to help each other … to quell fears to hold hands and to lift each other up.  It doesn’t matter if we are man or woman … slave or free … gentile or jew … we are human beings and as such we are hard wired to our Creator, the source of all goodness and holiness.  Jesus knew this.  He came to show us the way and to let us know that within each of us there is a divine spark that listens to God’s call and hears the truth of our unique mission of this earth.

Dignity/Chicago: 40, Fabulous, and On the Edge of Glory by Marianne Duddy-Burke

Homily Date: 

Sun, 05/20/2012

I am deeply honored to be the one privileged to bring the accumulated wisdom and pride of DignityUSA to this incredible occasion this evening. I can definitely say that DignityUSA would not be nearly the strong, vital, growing organization we are today without the leadership, generosity, and expertise given by so many from this community from your earliest days to the very present. I have been privileged to work alongside many of you on DignityUSA projects, on the Board, and during Conventions, and know well the gifts and generosity of this community.

Fifth Sunday of Lent by Barbara Zeman

Homily Date: 

Sun, 03/25/2012

As I sat in the chapel this morning meditating on what the readings of the day held for me these questions surfaced.  Why can I not sit still and listen for your word, oh God?  Why do I constantly busy myself with distractions that take me away from your embrace?  Why can I not hear my own inner longing to be Loved as You Love?  … To be forgiven as You forgive?  To be willing to do Your will as only I can?  Why can I not just sit down and breathe in the silence and listen to the stillness that accepts all, nourishes all, completes all, begins and ends all?  Why can I not surrender as Jesus

Fourth Sunday of Lent by Mary Ramsden

Homily Date: 

Sun, 03/18/2012

March 18, 2012.  Fourth Sunday of Lent. Cycle B
I really jumped at the words "paying it forward" in the reflections sent out from Dignity USA this week. I thought to myself: how true and perfect those words are not only for the season of Lent but for the circumstances we find ourselves in while we look back as well as ahead on forty years of Dignity Chicago.
I won't waste your time going over salvation history with you. We know those stories so well we could recite them from memory. Please do not mistake that as being flippant.

Third Sunday of Lent by Barbara Zeman

Homily Date: 

Sun, 03/11/2012

Oh Holy One … I come to you again, my center.  Ground Me.
I come to confess my weariness.  Hold me.
I come to seek your face. Smile on me.
I come to be made whole. Heal me.
I come to open my heart to You. Fill me.
I come to open my mind to You. Teach me.
I come to open my spirit to You. Breathe in to me.
I come to live and to die in You. Give me your peace.

God Loves Us! by Barbara Zeman

Homily Date: 

Sun, 02/26/2012

Lent is a season of change of heart, of cleansing and of covenant. It begins with Ash Wednesday as we recall our mortality … remember from Dust to Dust … and culminates in the transforming graces of the resurrection.  It is a time of deep reflection when, just before Spring breaks through, still in a hibernating mood, human beings begin to ponder their lives … their relationship with themselves, their family, their community and their God.

Proclaim Now! First Sunday of Advent

Homily Date: 

Sun, 11/27/2011

          Last year as we began Advent I asked the question -->  what will you do with this precious moment in time you have been given? Today I wonder as we begin yet another new church year what I am doing with this moment I have been given? Have I grown in Love of God and my neighbor? How have I changed over the last year? Who am I now?  What impact does my change have on others? Why has this community of ‘like minded Spirits’ become ever more dear to me?  And, just when did these things happen?